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Welcome to Live Chat support!
Live Chat is a complimentary value added service for Greenway customers. This new exciting tool can be used through the Vitera Support Center allowing support center customers the ability to chat with real live support technicians.

How Live Chat can work for you

Live Chat is to be used to quickly resolve issues like ERA check requeue, check an EDI claim status, provide customers with an update to a global technical situation, advise how to find information on Vitera Support Center, provide quick reference information, non-complex software questions, and payer/provider registration help. View our demo here.

Here's some reasons to use Live Chat vs. Phone Support:

  • No waiting on hold to chat with a technical support agent.
  • The ability to get access to information quickly on Vitera Support Center.
  • Able to Save Chat conversation to your local computer.

The most popular issues on Live Chat are resetting passwords, answering software questions, claim rejections, and End of Year balancing. Customers have the option to save a transcript of the conversation so they can have something to refer back on when reviewing the solution.

Live Chat is currently available for Intergy (including EHR) from 9am to 7pm Eastern Time & Medical Manager customers from 9am to 5:30pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding Company Holidays.

To coincide with the release of the of the new “My Registration” tool, the EDI Registration department now offers Live Chat. Some of the topics that can be addressed by EDI Registration Live Chat:

• Assist clients with payer and provider adds using the new “My Registration” tool.
• Answer questions related to payer registrations.
• Create/reset Claims Vision and Payment Manager accounts.
• Diagnose problems with missing ERAs and re-queue ERAs.

EDI Registration is available from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding Company Holidays.